Takeaways from TechSparks 2012 Grand Finale

The grand finale of TechSparks 2012 at Bangalore was indeed a grand event. The event showcased some of the best of Indian startups.  There were various interesting and informative talks and panel discussions. Here are the interesting take away from TechSparks 2012 grand finale.

Entrepreneurship is not a sprint but it’s a marathon, said krishnakumar natarajan, CEO, Mindtree

Pointers to Success, conserve cash, raise capital at appropriate time, respect your stake holders, prioritise team and create unusual value.

Smaller the niche, more loyalty, focus, no small market is small enough, make your offering simple and idiot proof.

Divide and conquer, create a new category.

Only 1 in a 50 ideas becomes a business, krishnakumar natarajan, CEO, Mindtree

When the bottom of the pyramid paying you, that is when you know your dream is coming true.

Solving the “Risk v/s Reward” conundrum is very important while hiring. Make intelligent trade-offs.

Human capital is the biggest challenge for Indian startups.

If your are not standing the shoulders of the giant, you are slowing down, to put it simple, don’t reinvent the wheel.

Biggest Advantages of using Cloud 1) No Up-Front Capital Expense,2) Low Costs,3) Generate Revenue quickly,4) Scalable 5) Elasticity.

Experiment more and develop faster.

Solve a problem that you really know and make sure that it touches a large section.

If u are not willing to invest your life saving in your company, then why should some one else?

Fund raising is easy for companies who have made enough progress.

Job of CEO is hiring, should always hire better and different skills set you need not be the smartest.

You can have a global image working from India or any country. It’s not necessary to have a physical presence in the bay.

Have great presence on net, easy way to go global. To go global is inevitable but then you need to think when to.

How to target go globally from India? Travel abroad and meet people, there are people who are experienced enough to help.

If you don’t believe the talent once they come in, then you are in trouble.

More opportunities in India than anywhere else because India has lots of problems to be solved.

It’s a lonely journey for an entrepreneur, do your best.

Never wait for the company to grow big, build a great culture from day one.

Equity is the most valuable currency. You must have a strong domain knowledge, works for angel investing.

India now sees a massive explosion in angel investing. Always look for transparency.

Never try to click a deal, try to build a long term partnership. Just do the right thing in the early part of startup.

Too flexibility on strategy is bad, have a clear strategy. Thrashing the competitor is the classic case of over selling.

What investors look for is integrity, ambition, passion, sacrifice, frugality, conviction, understanding of market.

Most of Indian companies don’t use testimonials to the best. Focus on stickiness for your product, attrition kills products.

It’s always crucial to understand how people are using your product.

If the people who are building a product because they felt a personal need, then you are making a great product.

Winning teams needs a balance of talent, energy, skills and experience.

For a comprehensive coverage on the event, please visit http://www.yourstory.in/events/techsparks/

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