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Social Media Club Chennai – August Session



The come back of Chennai Social Media Club saw two fantastic speakers, several lively and active discussions and plenty of networking.

Suganthi Sugumaran was the first speaker of the day and she spoke about the ABC’s of social media. The session was about the various channels of social media, the personal and business side of Social Media and how effectively one can use social media.

She also shared tips on how to engage with your Facebook and Twitter fans, how to keep your personal social profile clean. And ended her talk by saying nothing like real World and one to one communication.

The next speaker was Mr. Srinivasan, a veteran of the PR circuit and a social media enthusiast since the early days of the Internet when communication happened via IRC (an old chat system for those who joined the Internet after 2000).

 Mr Srinivasan focused on his personal experiences of using the Internet for public relations such as maintaining his groups of 6,000

members which he leverages when necessary or the time he interviewed the man who threw a shoe at the ex-interior minister forIndiaand got the interview featured in numerous papers. He also remarked about how your personal social media footprint is a public relations opportunity or pitfall for your own career and recounted a story where a lady was hired on the spot because of her active and convincing discussions she had in a public relations forum.

There was also a reminder that your social media profile can cause some problems for your career because of what you say and upload – so be careful either in what you say or your privacy settings so you control who sees it! He closed by warning on the dangers of installing untrusted apps which can steal your data and a reminder that social media shouldn’t consume your life but you must also take the time to do some networking offline for best results.

Here is Primepoint Srinivasan’s presentation at Social Media Club, Chennai

Twitter stream of the session

Now wait for our September session!

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Social Media Club Chennai Chapter


Chennai chapter of Social Media Club is back!.  The first session is happening on AUG 27 and here are the details.

ABC of Social Media

This event is intended for those who have dipped their toe in the water of social media but who have done so without a strategy and without a great deal  of specific direction. The ABC’s of Social Media will take you through easy-to-follow fundamentals of social media that will help ensure your success with social media in your business. Follow the basics, we have Mr. K. Srinivasan, CEO of the well respected Prime Point Public Relations company talking about how Social Media can play a pivotal role in a corporates public relations policy and some critical mistakes businesses must avoid when diving in to Social Media.


The Startup Centre


11.00 AM – Welcome Address by SMC Chennai Team
11.15 AM: Introduction of Speakers
11.20 AM: Ms. Suganthi’s session on ABC’s of Social Media
11:50 AM: Question & Answers
12.00 PM: Mr.K. Srinivasan’s session on Social Media PR
12.30 AM: Questions & Answers
01:00 PM: Networking with Speakers


Speaker Profiles:

Speaker #1: Mr. K. Srinivasan

Mr. K. Srinivasan is a very renowned person in the PR sector. He is the President and CEO of a Public Relations Foundation called Prime Point. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of a Monthly Corporate Ezine, Presense.

Mr.K.Srinivasan has served Indian Bank and Corporation Bank for more than 25 years in different capacities and set up a Public Relations Department in Corporation Bank at Delhi during 1988. He was associated closely with the building up of brand image of Corporation Bank till 1998.

Mr. K.Srinivasan has conceptualized Image Audit, a tool to study the ‘hidden perception’ of internal and external stakeholders. He is one of the specialists on Social Media and Corporate Podcasts.

Mr. Srinivasan is the President (Elect) of Cyber Society of India and will be assuming the office from 4th Sep.

Speaker #2: Ms Suganthi

Ms Suganthi is the Chief Marketer at DigtialSpread Communications. After putting in ten years of work at Zoho in various areas like Product Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Project Co-ordination, she recently turned entrepreneur with DigitalSpread Communications, an internet marketing company that specializes in brand building.

She is an MBA in Marketing & Systems and is from Computer Science Engineering background. Is very passionate about cloud computing, movies & history.

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Chennai Social Media Club

Chennai Social Media Club’s fourth session

As a part of Social Media Club Chennai knowledge sharing monthly meetup,Rennie Revin the Founder of (A popular Indian community that engages expert bloggers from the country) will be sharing his views and experience on Blogging.

The areas Rennie going to cover are,

1. How to blog successfully?

– Explore common elements of blog
– Learn how to become a blogger
– Find out how to promote your blog

2. How blogger communities established at Indibloggers helps brands in spreading a qualified word of mouth references.

3. The Indiblogger scenario and how can it help bloggers promote their blog.

The event is on July 3

Venue: Jayalakshmi Real Estates, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai

Registration Fee: Rs. 200 /- (To be paid at the venue)

Looking forward to a wonderful session!

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Social Media Club, Chennai

June month sessions by

Jayashree Ramasubramanian and Bharath Moro!

Jayashree Ramasubramaniam,Web Marketing Manager at Intuit and ex-Googler, started her session by asking “some of you must be thinking why did these guys quit Google?”, actually I had this in my mind, because Google is the most Googliest company and why should somebody leave a company like Google?

Jayashree’s session was her perspectives of Social Media Strategies at Intuit. She shared various concepts like freemium, humanising the brand at team turbotax where one can meet the team members. The thought leadership concept, bringing together the small businesses in U.K

The all round contribution of various social media activities.

One of the observation she had about social media was, in social media people are never on a buying mode, they either socialise or do research.

Bharath Moro, ex-Googler (again the same thought! why leave Google?) and now Independent Consultant talked about Social Media and Search. His points were

The concept of social SEO, how to use ones friends/ networking/
power users/communities and influencers to spread the message/idea

Do not expect high ranking for the site as soon as you upload it! it takes time.

Top 10 incredible audio illusions, Top 15 green websites, got it?

Bharat is very passionate about trains, its colours, coach numbers, photographing it, now he thought he was the only nut in the whole World (his mother was little worried it seems seeing his passion) then he went and found around 500 other nuts in a group named Indian Railways Fan Club

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Chennai Social Media Club’s third session

Chennai’s Social Media Club is slowly but steadily becoming the most active SMC in the country. First Saturday of every month Social media practitioners and enthusiasts get together and share their experience.

June month’s session will have two eminent persons sharing their take on Social Media.

About Speakers

1. Jayashree Ramasubramanian, representing Intuit

2. Bharat Moro, a writer, consultant, teacher and photographer

Session details

Looking forward to a wonderful session on June 5

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Chennai Social Media Club

Social media club. Chennai

Will Social media cross the chasm? Session by Mr.Sukumar Rajagopal

Social media sessions are designed in the un-conference format. All contribute/participate in one way or other.

Swarna Rajagopal was session photographer!

Jayanth Vincent volunteered as official session tweeter, live tweets on the session.

Now the session kicked off with the fun theory initiative by Volswagen, a wonderful video that demonstrates the behavioural change in people.

Some keys points from Sukumar Rajagopal’s session

a. CTS through social media inverted the conventional hierarchical pyramid.

b. Employees started contributing, created various communities, took up various social activities (Go green initiatives)

c. Management brought change management through social media,could easily discover talents in employees

d. Productivity among employees increased and they became happier

e. Better connected employees produced better ideas

Crossing the Chasm!

Like any new technology social media has to cross the chasm. to do that Sukumar’s message for the social media marketers was ‘If you don’t have a precise path by which you can convince the Pragmatists, you can’t cross the chasm’.

click here for Mr. Sukumar’s complete presentation

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Chennai Social Media Club

Social media club. Chennai

Chennai social media club’s inaugural session by Mr. Narayanan, Co-founder, 2020 media was a big hit. If you missed it, here is my take on first session
Now club’s second session is on May 1.This time it’s a double treat, two speakers will be sharing their experience on social media.

Details of the speakers,

Speaker 1: Sukumar Rajagopal,Senior Vice President, Head of Innovation (CTS),SVP/Head of Innovation, Cognizant. Former CKO.Social.History.Anthropology.Culture. #KM.SWEBOK.Technology.Toastmaster.Indus Valley Researcher, Management.

Sukumar’s twitter handle

Speaker 2:David Appasamy, Chief Communications Officer, Sify Technologies Limited,Business Manager & Strategist, Brand and Marketing specialist, Communications expert, student of the world at large, avid reader, photographer and blogger.

David’s twitter handle

Session details

Follow the club’s developments in twitter

So if you are interested in social media/ new media, don’t forget to book your seat, be there this May day

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Chennai Social Media Club

Chennai Social media Club’s first session!

Session by Mr. Narayanan, Co-founder, 2020 media. His talk on Gartner hype cycle was interesting.

Some examples of hype were Tulips farms in 18th century Holland, Gold rush in US and FDI in China.

And according to him,Blogs are already passed peak of inflated expectation.
Video blogs,photo sharing,Twitter and Facebook are still on the rise.

Thanks to 20qbe solutions, there was a live stream of the session for those who couldn’t make it.

The crowd actively participated throughout the session. He finished the session by asking a question to the audience. English speaking Indians are a mere 6 percentage of entire population (but having great purchasing power) and Social Media is still not a mass media so whether Social Media a myth or reality?

Kiruba Shankar, one of the key person behind the Club shared the Madhu Menon’s Shiokstory

Next session of Social media Club is on May 1, 2010

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Chennai Social Media Club

Chennai Social Media Club’s inaugural session

Ever wondered what is this ‘Social Media’ is all about? Is it a medium to socialise? a place to follow and get followed (Twitter),Is it a place to connect (LinkedIn)? or to network and make friends,join fan clubs and communities(orkut, Facebook), and meet your schoolmates after a very long time and wonder How old you have become? Incidentaly I met most of my schoolmates almost after a decade or so, thanks to Orkut. Social media is fast emerging as the next big thing and is definitely much beyond all this.

Inorder to understand and share the immense potential of Social media, a bunch of enthusiasts (some addicts)have come together and started something called a ‘Social Media Club’, first of its kind in Chennai. In this club you will meet Social media practitioners and experts and they will in turn be sharing the best practices in Social Media.

Interested to know about Social media Club’s formation and story so far? have a look here and here

So if you are a social media enthusiast, if not an addict, come and join here.On April 3,this Saturday,Club’s inaugural session is scheduled.

The Event: SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING,a session by Mr.Ashok Krish
Head, TCS Innovation Lab – Web 2.0 at TCS

Access Atlantech(SAE),Jayalakshmi Estates, 29/8,Haddows Road,Pin- 600 006.
Ph: +91-44- 2821 4045/2821 4227. see map

Have a look here and here to know more about the event

Social media Club’s Twitter handle :
hash tag :#SMCCHN
Facebook profile

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Chennai Social Media Club

Social media club@Chennai

Chennai Social media club’s second meetup@Access Atlantech was very engaging and productive

The club has taken so many concrete steps to kick start club’s activities

Now the club’s very basic purpose, as Jayanth Vincent put it, is to share the best practices in Social media

So whats the prog for the month of March? The club is planning to have talk on Social media marketing by an expert

If you are interested, do join the Club

The new hashtag for Social Media Club is #smcchn

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