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Social Media Club Chennai – August Session



The come back of Chennai Social Media Club saw two fantastic speakers, several lively and active discussions and plenty of networking.

Suganthi Sugumaran was the first speaker of the day and she spoke about the ABC’s of social media. The session was about the various channels of social media, the personal and business side of Social Media and how effectively one can use social media.

She also shared tips on how to engage with your Facebook and Twitter fans, how to keep your personal social profile clean. And ended her talk by saying nothing like real World and one to one communication.

The next speaker was Mr. Srinivasan, a veteran of the PR circuit and a social media enthusiast since the early days of the Internet when communication happened via IRC (an old chat system for those who joined the Internet after 2000).

 Mr Srinivasan focused on his personal experiences of using the Internet for public relations such as maintaining his groups of 6,000

members which he leverages when necessary or the time he interviewed the man who threw a shoe at the ex-interior minister forIndiaand got the interview featured in numerous papers. He also remarked about how your personal social media footprint is a public relations opportunity or pitfall for your own career and recounted a story where a lady was hired on the spot because of her active and convincing discussions she had in a public relations forum.

There was also a reminder that your social media profile can cause some problems for your career because of what you say and upload – so be careful either in what you say or your privacy settings so you control who sees it! He closed by warning on the dangers of installing untrusted apps which can steal your data and a reminder that social media shouldn’t consume your life but you must also take the time to do some networking offline for best results.

Here is Primepoint Srinivasan’s presentation at Social Media Club, Chennai

Twitter stream of the session

Now wait for our September session!

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