Don’t tell my mom that I organise TEDx events

“Don’t tell my mom that I organise TEDx events, she thinks I smuggle goods from East Africa. Sandeep Varma


I have started getting innumerable phone calls from close friends, relatives and news reporters. Some surprised, shocked and even paranoid, reason? I was in the organizing team of ‘the most controversial’ TEDx events India has ever witnessed i.e TEDxChennai.

Cancellation of TEDxChennai’s license is the latest viral on net. All the leading news papers have covered in length this national tragedy. I wish we had half of the publicity for the TEDxChennai event itself. Once again  I am convinced that everybody likes a controversy and negative / cooked news travel faster.

So here are the reasons for not letting my mom know that I organize TEDx events,

1. Because I was part of the most biggest and well received TEDx events in India

2. Because we slogged for almost 5 months wasting (yeah now I feel it) our energy, time and money in organizing one of the best conferences Chennai has seen so far

3. Because we decided to take TEDxChennai to International standards

4. Because we thought it would be great to bring the best of speakers from all over the World

5. I am sorry that we produced such amazing talks by people who have achieved great heights, like

Romeo Marquez Jr : 1029 views on Youtube

Prabakaran Murugaiah: 13,977 Views

Neel Raman: 24,374 views

6. Because we were responsible in making 1200 plus attendees thrilled, motivated and be proud to be part of such a wonderful event

So please don’t tell my mom that I organize TEDx events, she still thinks that I smuggle goods from East Africa.

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