Adventures With Aadhaar Card


After so much pressure from various sources, I decided to apply for Aadhaar Card. I get the first shock, you can’t register for Aadhaar card if you are residing in Tamil Nadu?!! 😮

Online registration for Aadhaar card

Bit dissapointed I Google again to find how to go about getting the card if you are in Chennai and I see this

Google search for Aadhar card registration centres in Chennai

The first result is a site named, check the spelling, one A is missing. But I am thrilled to see a site that has all the details when it comes to Aadhaar in Chennai. I go to the site,

Aadhar card status

Life is so simple and beautiful, I check for enrollment centers in Chennai and there are two

Aadhar card Centres in Chennai

I have heard Karvy before, no clue about the first center. Phone number is  also give so I call them. I call them. Morning 10, afternoon, evening, 11:30am, 3:00pm. The number is ever engaged! It seems whole of Chennai wants to register for Aadhaar card. With no luck to get through phone, I decided to visit the place. I reach there and check with the receptionist.

He says ” we used to do Aadhaar registration TWO YEARS back“,

But then I ask “Your name and address is still there on website???

No idea about that, he says.

Then what to do?

Please check with your municipal councilor

Upset i come back and search for Municipal councilor of Adyar and see the result.

Municipal councilor

I quit!!!!!!

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