14th Annual Polestar Awards

The PoleStar Foundation instituted the PoleStar Award in 1998 to celebrate Excellence in IT & Business journalism. It is a prestigious recognition for Indian journalists. This Annual Award pays tribute to the media citizens’ contribution, for their commitment to the nation and its people, and also for tirelessly acting as a catalyst in disseminating quality information to the world. 14th Annual Polestar Awards ceremony happened on Nov 28 in Chennai.  This year the jury received  around 600 entries. The Polestar awards are being decided based on the 4C principle of journalism s, i.e  content, context, connect and communicate. Dr. C Rangarajan, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister was the Chief Guest.

The function also had an interesting panel discussion. The topic was “is social media a threat to mainstream media?” Sanjay pinto was the moderator and  Dr. Anita Ratnam, Ravi krishnan, Selva Ganesh and T.V Varadarajan were the   panelists. Various interesting ideas were shared during the discussion, here sharing a few,

Social media & main stream media are like 2 drunkards who walk hand in hand, they will neither fall nor walk steadily but will reach home

Cultural reporting is no more in main stream media but it’s thriving in social media

We don’t have intellectual journalism today

Agree that social media is not reliable, but then what about main stream media?

We have millions of tweets but how many are making sense?

Social media is an accessory of main stream media

Number of press conferences have come down, now politicians just tweet

The revenue will test the fundamentals of social media

Will a time come when number of followers for an editor in twitter will exceed the circulation of news paper?

Accountability is the biggest concern in social media

YouTube has become the single largest gift for dance research students

In a country like India, social media can’t reach to masses

Main stream media nowadays encourage people to post pictures, tweet and blog

People who are in social media are not trained journalists and it’s a flaw

And the winners of 14th Annual Polestar Awards were  Hari Pulakkat, Shrutika Verma, Jamshed avari and Shelley Singh

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