FIFA World Cup – The Festival of Malabar: My travels through Malabar during the 2010 World Cup


FIFA World Cup - The Festival of Malabar: My travels through Malabar during the 2010 World Cup BookCover


The Idea of travelling through Malabar came when my friend sent me pictures of flex banners dedicated to Argentina and Brazil in Malappuram. Its amazing how football can evoke such frenzy among the fans.

The banners, the road shows and the exhibition matches show the real passion of people in northern Kerala for football. In order to get a first hand account of the celebrations, during the 2010 World Cup season, I decided to travel through the main Soccer-loving districts of Kerala viz., Palakkad, Malappuram and Kozhikode to celebrate the spirit of FIFA World Cup with diehard fans of the game and document interesting stories.

In this book, I have captured the fun and excitement of the football fans of Malabar during the FIFA World Cup.

You can buy the book online from here

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M3DB.COM: An Ultimate Portal for Malayalam Movies & Music

Couple of weeks back I became part of a Facebook group named m3dbteam. What attracted me to join this group was the level of discussions and knowledge sharing that was happening in that group. Later I had a chance to interact with one of the cofounders of this Facebook group (Kiran). Through him I came to know about this wonderful initiative of profiling anything everything about Malayalam Movies and Music.

I was quite impressed the way in which the project works. There are close to 20 co-creaters / volunteers, who painstakingly collect details about various people who have contributed to Malayalam cinema. Here are some of the examples that showcase the vastness of this project.

Profiling famous Malayalam Movie characters: Sagar Kottapuram

Complete story and interesting trivia/details / records about movies: Manichithrathazhu

The team make sure that they profile each and everyone associated with a particular movie. Their vision is to profile all the artists who have worked in Malayalam cinema.

All the very best for this wonderful initiative. I am sure in the coming years will become a sure stopway for Malayalam cinema research scholars and enthusiasts.

If you are interested, please visit

Website :

Facebook fan page: m3dbteam

Facebook group: m3dbteam

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SAM UTH 2014

Physically challanged Omani artist

A teen-trepreneur who have spoken at over 700 events worldwide

An avid environmentalist who have been to the most remote and coldest place on earth – The Antarctic

A global advocate on human rights development.

A film / television actor and management trainer.

SAM UTH 2014

A person who Co-Authored with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam a book on management, development and economics.

A vocal phenomenon and a  a cancer survivor

A wildlife protection campaigner.

A practical Mystic

Social Media Influencer

Want to listen to these wonderful people? Don’t miss SAM UTH 2014. Event is on 27 JAN 2014

Venue: SRM Auditorium

For details on speaker and the event, please visit


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Nivin ‘Viral’ Pauly!

Nivin Pauly is one of young heroes in Malayalam cinema. He debuted in Vineeth Srinivasan’s film “Malarvady Arts Club”, which went on to become one of the hits of 2010.  Later he was part of many super hit films and continues to do so, latest being Alphonse Putheran’s bilingual “Neram.”

But what makes Nivin special from rest of heroes is his success in online space.  Nivin has this uncanny ability to be part of films / songs that become a rage and goes viral in Youtube. Have a look,

Pistah - Neram

Pistah : Neram  

47+ Lakh




Nenjodu Cherthu : Yuvvh


Nenjodu Cherthu : Yuvvh 

33+ Lakh




Muthuchippi - Thattathin Marayathu



Muthuchippi : Thattathin Marayathu 

20+ Lakh



Vaathil Mele - Neram Malayalam


Vaathil Mele : Neram (Malayalam) 

18+ Lakhs



Kaatru Veesum - Neram Deleted song (Tamil)


Kaatru Veesum : Neram Deleted song (Tamil)

9+ Lakh




Shyamambaram - Thattathin Marayathu


Shyamambaram : Thattathin Marayathu

6+ Lakh




Enthanu Bhai - Da Thadiya


Enthanu Bhai : Da Thadiya 

6+ Lakh




Latest is the Trailer of Nivin’s upcoming movie, 1983


1983 Official Trailer – 2014

YouTube hits already crossed 1 Lakh in first 24 hours


No wonder he is Viral Pauly :)


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The Crystal Guardian Series: Ramayana The Exiled Prince Book Review

The Exiled Prince

So I am bidding 2013 good bye by reviewing an interesting book. The name of the book is “The Exiled Prince,” and this is book 1 of The Crystal Guardian series by Ravi. Now after reading the Shiva trilogy, its time to read Rama’s story! The book starts with chapter 148 (first of many surprises). The year is 1799, British India, where one Colonel Lionel Blaze narrates his encounter with “Two young men” protecting the village. As per the book, this is a true story mentioned in the Maduranthakam Rama temple edits where a British officer had a vision of Rama protecting the Lake. Chapter 148 ends with some mystery as Colonel Lionel Blaze is in search of one “Crystal of Creation, ” that will give supreme power and immortality to he who controls it.

The meeting of Saptarishi council is highly imaginative and narrated in a unique way. The plot emerges here. The Legend is that there exists a supreme Crystal of creation with part of Shiva and Narayana suspended within it. This Crystal was hidden in Himalaya for ages and now gone missing. Now Ravana is behind the Crystal and Saptarishis engineered Vishnu’s energy force into the birth of Rama and his brothers, very techy right? No wonder we were so advanced in technology.

The Saptarishis discuss a plan where Rama will fight and defeat Ravana before Ravana finds the Crystal, now the plot is becoming interesting. Here Ravi, the author brings another mystery, as the Crystal is missing from the Kailash, Sage Vishwamitra shares the news of birth of a “ child who was born at the foothills of Kailash”. Sage Vishwamitra promises the Council that he would search for the child, Now who is this Child? The book is Rama’s version, his point of view of the Epic.

I liked the discussion of Rama with Hanuman. The book has this style of Back and forth story telling. This would make a good movie for sure J Book 1 ends with injured Maricha reaching Lanka and asking to take him to King Ravana! Now the wait is for Book 2 starts.

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The Crystal Guardian Series: Ramayana The Exiled Prince Book 1

For the past few years, I have been reading books on Hindu Mythology, especially on The Mahabharata and The Ramayana.  Some how I have also started liking this latest trend of interpreting Indian Mythology.

Books on Hindu Mythology

Recently I had this chance of reviewing sample chapters of  a yet to be published book on Ramayana.  This book is titled as ” The Exiled Prince Book ,” first book in The Crystal Guardian Trilogy.

The Crystal Guardian Series Book 1 The Exiled Prince

Now some interesting things about this book.

Book starts with Chapter 148! Strange right? Yeah but then its interesting.

After reading three sample chapters, I realised this book is a great mix of three things

1. Mythology 2. History and 3. Scifi and I think its a great mix.  Have a look at the back cove!

The Crystal Guardian Series Book 1 The Exiled Prince Back cover

The facebook page also interesting, have a look: 

So its all about the Supreme Crustal of creation, Britishers going after it, Rama protecting it. Wow, now I am eagerly waiting for the book.

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INKLive 2013 At Kochi

Three days of intense networking, listening to innumerable talks, sharing great ideas, attending couple of very interesting workshops and I am back from INKLive 2013 that recently got over at Kochi, Kerala.

The Workshops

One of the highlights of INKLive 2013 was the various interesting workshops and ‘The Denim Art Project’ by Levi’s was the most creative one.

The Denim Art Project by Levi’s

The Denim Art Project

This one was a completely crowd-sourced one. There was this huge Denim board where eventually would turn into a piece of art. Each participant was given a square piece of denim and asked to represent his/her thought or takeaway from the INKLive 2013.

The Denim Art Project Day at work

Harshvardhan Kadam, an artist from Pune was the curator of The Denim Art Project. Harshavardhan conceives, perceives and executes his experiences through visuals.

The Denim Art Project My controbution The Twitter bird

Twitter bird spreading ideas was my contribution to this project. I was live tweeting the event and the idea behind this was through my tweets I was sharing those wonderful ideas that were discussed during the INKLive.

Almost 30 people participated in The Denim Art project and by end of Day 3 the blue denim board was changed to an interesting artwork filled with ideas from the participants.


The Denim Art Project Day 3

And I was quite thrilled to see my contribution displayed at the prominent place ;)

The Denim Art Project My controbution

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Chennai Behance Portfolio Review

Are you one of those artists who are looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent? Get ready, Behance Portfolio Review is coming to Chennai.


Behance (an Adobe Company) is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale.

What’s this Behance Portfolio Review?

Behance Portfolio Review Week

 Behance organise  Behance Portfolio Reviews  that bring members together at events in cities and towns around the world — organized by members, for members.  During the event, people get an opportunity to showcase their portfolio and most important get feedback from experienced professionals on the work. Behance Portfolio Week is also a great networking event where one get to meet other artists from local creative community.

Chennai Behance Portfolio Review!

Behance portfolio review poster

So Shasun Jain College for Women in association with Behance (an Adobe Company)  is conducting  the Chennai edition of Behance Portfolio Review workshop in on 9th November 2013 at Shasun Jain College, Chennai.


Following are the various categories for the Chennai Behance Portfolio Review where you can submit your entries,

You may please submit your entries under the following category
1) Photography
2) Illustrations
3) Graphic Designs
4) Art Direction


How to Apply for Chennai Behance Portfolio Review?

visit and apply!

Last date for entries: On or before 30 October 2013

For more details, visit the following links

Chennai Behance Portfolio Review Facebook fan page:

Chennai Behance Portfolio Review Facebook event page:

Chennai Behance Portfolio Review

So what do you waiting for? Apply for Chennai Behance Portfolio Review and showcase your talent

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TechSparks Grand Finale 2013 Through Tweets

TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale Launch

TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale YourstoryEntrepreneurs love what they doing, so there’s no work, there’s only life , so no need of work life balance @binnybansal of Flipkart

Always had common ambition, always customer focused, then luck and timing made @Flipkart big and successful @binnybansal

If you are in a job that means your dream is not big enough

Don’t scale too soon, Identify a big problem to solve

First you have to sell your idea to your family and convince them

Apple has top down innovation style and Google, bottom up

Empowering champions of innovation is the key

The market is moving so fast that you have to cannibalise your best ideas and come out with better ideas

TechSparks 2013 Grand FinaleAntidote to incumbent’s curse, Create a culture for unrelenting innovation

Most often for big firms, the enemy is within

Firms fail at the peek of their success called incumbent’s curse

Gamification in healthcare is a great opportunity in India

From day one your product has to be global

Most of internet products are made for local needs, they later go global

TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale Tech30 SuperStarsWhen we compare India with other countries like China, Korea, these countries are extremely insular

Have a global concept, then strategise, have global exposure, structure yoursel and build the product

Once you have the exposure, structure yourself to think Global

Figure out what else is happening around the world with your concept

Every concept has to be looked up with a global perspective

TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale Kutle Khan Project Live PerformanceThere should be an emotional component in your product

Optimise every aspect of your business,

Design should be humanist and should be able to bring all info presentable and more appealing

Innovation is all about making things better, not just different

Entrepreneurship is about subtle irreverence

If you don’t ask good questions, answers will become irrelevant

One must have a leaky bucket, so that you learn more, unlearn

Perseverance is all about no short cuts, all about integrity, grit, deep commitment, staying focused & win long term

Culture is evolving and impacting companies and is affected by time horizon, rethinking ESOP, careers, learning, fun & winning.

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TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale “Your Fav Speaker”

TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale Speakers

India’s premier technology startup conference, TechSparks Grand Finale, is  just 3 days away and you might have already seen the illustrious list of speakers. I am sure all the speakers are thought leaders in their own fields and its going to be a memorable day listening to all of them (similar to last two editions). But then  there will be one speaker/ speakers who is our personal favourite. I tell you my favourite speaker and I don’t want to miss that session.

Dr. Anu Vaidyanathan, Ultraman Athlete, IP Professor.

Dr. Anu Vaidyanathan, Ultraman Athlete, IP Professor.

I recently signed up for The Wipro Chennai Marathon and currently undergoing the training. Now I know how difficult is the long distance running and amount of discipline one must have.  Dr. Anu Vaidyanathan  is an Ultraman Athlete. Now if you haven’t heard about Ultraman, it’s a three day stage-race comprising a 10K swim, 420K bike ride and an 84.4K run. Dr. Anu Vaidyanathan is the only Asian to have competed in and finished 6th at Ultraman. Here are some more milestones of Anu,

In 2009, she became the only Asian (male or female) to compete in Ultraman distance events (10K swim, 420K bike, 84.4K run) and Anu was the first Indian (male or female) to qualify for the Half-Ironman (1.9K swim, 90K bike, 21.1K run) World Championships in 2008.

Besides being an athlete, she runs a company, PatNMarks, that specializes in Intellectual Property Consulting. Anu also has a PhD in a record-setting time of 26 months from University of Canterbury at Christchurch, in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Engineering. To know more about Dr. Anu Vaidyanathan, visit the site.

Am eagerly waiting for her talk, so who is your favourite speaker at TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale?

You can still register for TechSparks 2013 Grand finale by visiting this link and avail a 30% discount by using code YSCTS2013


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