Malayalam Movie Premam’s first look creates sensation

Nowadays the hype and expectation about a film starts from the appearance of first poster (if not from the Pooja of the film).  Once you send out the first creative of the movie, it’s almost a make or break for the film itself. People start discussing about the film, they have just seen a poster, mind you. Thats the power of social media.

“Premam”, a much awaited malayalam film launched the first poster on 11 Feb, around 11 pm. Since then the ‘first look’ has created a sensation. Leading online publications have been praising about the creativity behind the design. People are sharing the design among their friends.

Here it is, the first poster of Premam.


Premam first poster

Some rave reviews about the design- and

The film is directed by Alphonse Puthren. Film produced by Anwar Rasheed. Here is the official Facebook page of the film

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PUMA Urban Stampede 2014

Rains couldn’t reduce the fun and excitement of the first edition of Chennai Puma Urban Stampede 2014. The circuit was close to the beach so there was cool breeze throughout that made the run comfortable. This was the first time I was running through ECR and it was a clam sunday morning. No pollution, no honking and no stray dogs, perfect condition for running.

By the time i parked my car and came, the warming up session was happening. There were close to 300 people, all getting ready for the run. There were lots of kids, an encouraging sign. And I also joined the group and did my warm up.

( Photo courtesy : Runners for Life)


PUMA Urban Stampede Chennai 2014The start: All the three categories (5k, 10k and Corporate relay) were flagged off at the same time. Here we are waiting for the flag off. It started drizzling by this time :)


The run : Then started the Marathon, as i mentioned earlier, this was one of my best races. The weather was perfect, the circuit was too good, lots of greenery around, no pollution and no stray dogs :)


( Photo courtesy : Runners for Life)

Thanks Runners for Life for choosing this circuit :) And I finished my 10k in the best timing, 1:23:30. Even though I missed the free foot massage, the wide spread breakfast was good. Overall, I would rate the first Chennai edition of Puma Urban Stampede as a great experience.  Now my attempt is to run 10k sub 1 hour :)



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PUMA Urban Stampede 2014 Chennai Circuit

Two days left for chennai edition of PUMA urban Stampede and lot of excitement in the air. This is the first edition and Chennaities are excited to be part of Urban Stampede. I started running last september (2013) and have ran in and around chennai city. But so far I never had an opportunity to run through the picturesque East Coast Road (ECR)

VGP is the starting point of the PUMA Urban Stampede Chennai circuit. The circuit is quite serene, pollution free (away from city) and with lots of greenery. I am sure runners will enjoy the circuit. So for the first time I am running in ECR. Hope it rains too, you know, rain and run is a deadly combination ;)

Here is the video of the PUMA Urban Stampede 2014 Chennai circuit

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PUMA Urban Stampede: Good to know

So I am eagerly waiting for this weekend, to be part of first ever PUMA Urban Stampede Chennai edition. Preparations are underway, for the past few weeks, i have been training for the run. While registering for the PUMA Urban Stampede, I came across these “good to know” tips. I thought it would be useful to share them with the experience i had so far in running marathons.
Good to know- Shoes

Right shoes. 

First and foremost, pick the right pair of shoes, do a little bit of googling and you would get tonnes of informations on what shoes to pick. Make sure that you pick the shoes some weeks prior to the main event so that you get used to the shoes.




Good to know - Goals



Set achievable goals

Start small and gradually scale up. Follow a training program and monitor your progress. Start with 5K, then move to 10k and half marathon. Make sure that you don’t get injured. Consistency is the key. Don’t miss the weekly runs and fitness regime.




Good to know- Partner

Running Partner

Running long distance can be boring (in the beginning). Having a right partner who can push you will make a good difference. Identify a person who can run along with you. Running with someone can be really fun. Try it and you won’t regret :)




Good to know - Breaks




This is important especially when you start the training. I followed the 2:1 patten first, i.e 2 minutes running 1 minute walking and gradually moved to 5:1. Try to find your timing comfortable for you.




I found these tips very useful, try to follow these “good to know” tips and I am sure you will appreciate them too.

if you are yet to register for PUMA Urban Stampede, you can do it here 


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The International Camera Fair

International Camera Fair

Got a chance to visit the recently concluded International Camera fair in Chennai. The fair showcased some of the super cool techs. The best part was that, I think photography has become the biggest hobby on earth. Anyone can become a photographer. Now should I buy a camera?

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PUMA Urban Stampede

So whats the picture that comes to your mind when I say stampede? this one right?


well then how an Urban Stampede would look like? something similar to this?

PUMA Urban Stampede

Yeah, so its time for the Urban Stampede again, The PUMA Urban Stampede powered by Flipkart is happening all over India, to be exact, in 8 cities.

Runners For LifeRunners For Life

Runners For Life (RFL), India’s largest running community are the organisers of PUMA Urban Stampede. The idea behind starting the RFL was for runners to meet, train and exchange ideas. You can read more about RFL here



As in any Marathon race, PUMAUrbanStampede has got various categories, here are the ones


Corporate Relay (5km X 4)

Individual 10 km Race

Individual 5 km Race

PUMA Urban Stampede 2014 Chennai Circuit

Its been an year that I have been running marathons and this time I am running the inaugural edition of PUMA Urban Stampede chennai circuit. The UrbanStampede in chennai will happen on Nov 2.

So interested to be part of this Stampede? Then register here

I am sure that this would be a fun filled stampede!

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FIFA World Cup – The Festival of Malabar: My travels through Malabar during the 2010 World Cup


FIFA World Cup - The Festival of Malabar: My travels through Malabar during the 2010 World Cup BookCover


The Idea of travelling through Malabar came when my friend sent me pictures of flex banners dedicated to Argentina and Brazil in Malappuram. Its amazing how football can evoke such frenzy among the fans.

The banners, the road shows and the exhibition matches show the real passion of people in northern Kerala for football. In order to get a first hand account of the celebrations, during the 2010 World Cup season, I decided to travel through the main Soccer-loving districts of Kerala viz., Palakkad, Malappuram and Kozhikode to celebrate the spirit of FIFA World Cup with diehard fans of the game and document interesting stories.

In this book, I have captured the fun and excitement of the football fans of Malabar during the FIFA World Cup.

You can buy the book online from here

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M3DB.COM: An Ultimate Portal for Malayalam Movies & Music

Couple of weeks back I became part of a Facebook group named m3dbteam. What attracted me to join this group was the level of discussions and knowledge sharing that was happening in that group. Later I had a chance to interact with one of the cofounders of this Facebook group (Kiran). Through him I came to know about this wonderful initiative of profiling anything everything about Malayalam Movies and Music.

I was quite impressed the way in which the project works. There are close to 20 co-creaters / volunteers, who painstakingly collect details about various people who have contributed to Malayalam cinema. Here are some of the examples that showcase the vastness of this project.

Profiling famous Malayalam Movie characters: Sagar Kottapuram

Complete story and interesting trivia/details / records about movies: Manichithrathazhu

The team make sure that they profile each and everyone associated with a particular movie. Their vision is to profile all the artists who have worked in Malayalam cinema.

All the very best for this wonderful initiative. I am sure in the coming years will become a sure stopway for Malayalam cinema research scholars and enthusiasts.

If you are interested, please visit

Website :

Facebook fan page: m3dbteam

Facebook group: m3dbteam

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SAM UTH 2014

Physically challanged Omani artist

A teen-trepreneur who have spoken at over 700 events worldwide

An avid environmentalist who have been to the most remote and coldest place on earth – The Antarctic

A global advocate on human rights development.

A film / television actor and management trainer.

SAM UTH 2014

A person who Co-Authored with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam a book on management, development and economics.

A vocal phenomenon and a  a cancer survivor

A wildlife protection campaigner.

A practical Mystic

Social Media Influencer

Want to listen to these wonderful people? Don’t miss SAM UTH 2014. Event is on 27 JAN 2014

Venue: SRM Auditorium

For details on speaker and the event, please visit


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Nivin ‘Viral’ Pauly!

Nivin Pauly is one of young heroes in Malayalam cinema. He debuted in Vineeth Srinivasan’s film “Malarvady Arts Club”, which went on to become one of the hits of 2010.  Later he was part of many super hit films and continues to do so, latest being Alphonse Putheran’s bilingual “Neram.”

But what makes Nivin special from rest of heroes is his success in online space.  Nivin has this uncanny ability to be part of films / songs that become a rage and goes viral in Youtube. Have a look,

Pistah - Neram

Pistah : Neram  

47+ Lakh




Nenjodu Cherthu : Yuvvh


Nenjodu Cherthu : Yuvvh 

33+ Lakh




Muthuchippi - Thattathin Marayathu



Muthuchippi : Thattathin Marayathu 

20+ Lakh



Vaathil Mele - Neram Malayalam


Vaathil Mele : Neram (Malayalam) 

18+ Lakhs



Kaatru Veesum - Neram Deleted song (Tamil)


Kaatru Veesum : Neram Deleted song (Tamil)

9+ Lakh




Shyamambaram - Thattathin Marayathu


Shyamambaram : Thattathin Marayathu

6+ Lakh




Enthanu Bhai - Da Thadiya


Enthanu Bhai : Da Thadiya 

6+ Lakh




Latest is the Trailer of Nivin’s upcoming movie, 1983


1983 Official Trailer – 2014

YouTube hits already crossed 1 Lakh in first 24 hours


No wonder he is Viral Pauly :)


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